New Patients Dental Appointments New Malden

We hope to make your first visit as pleasant as possible. We understand if you would like to bring a friend or relative with you and they can enjoy the comfortable waiting room with the latest magazines.


You will be greeted by our receptionist and they will ask you to fill out a medical history form which is fully confidential.

Come in

Your dentist will call you into the surgery. He/She will take their time to listen and understand any of your concerns. Do not worry if you have not been to a dentist for years, we are still happy to help you.

Lie down, open wide

Your dentist will check your teeth and gums and take necessary x-rays.


Your dentist will show you the x-rays and explain the findings and diagnosis.


Treatments options will be discussed and a treatment plan will be formulated. Time scales and costs will be explained.


Once the consultation is complete, further appointments will be booked at the reception.