Sinus Lift

Making implant placements possible with a long term solution for failing or missing teeth.

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Westbury Dental Care and Implant Centre are able to offer sinus lift surgery at our very own friendly and welcoming dental practice.  Sinus lift surgery is offered to patients that may require dental implants but don’t currently have enough jaw bone to secure the implant.  If you have worn dentures for the past few years with varying discomfort, sinus lift surgery may be the alternate surgery to consider.  Sinus lift surgery is also commonly referred to as sinus graft and sinus augmentation.  Fundamentally, the surgery exists to help secure your dental implants so that you can enjoy your smile once more in complete comfortability.  We can offer successful placement of implants using a sinus floor elevation (internal sinus lift or Summer’s technique) or a lateral sinus lift procedure.

The Procedure

Before anything is agreed upon, we will first make sure that you are a suitable candidate for sinus lift surgery.  We will complete a number of tests to assess your sinuses for the suitability for sinus lift surgery.  A suitable patient for this type of surgery is those that have experienced bone loss as a result of missing teeth.  We will find out if you are a suitable candidate for the surgery by welcoming you to our practice and going through the consultation process in order to get to know a bit more about your medical and dental history.

Similar to oral bone grafting treatment, there are a multitude of options for the material used for the new bone graft.  These include human or animal tissues or synthetic materials.  We will work with you to recommend the source that we believe will provide the best oral outcomes from the treatment procedure.

The exact procedure for sinus lift surgery may vary depending on the extent of treatment that is undertaken.  Our professional dental team will know the type of surgery before we start the procedure.  You will be offered oral or intravenous sedatives and our dentist will numb the area being treated with a local anaesthetic.  Secondly, the dental surgeon will then proceed by making incisions into the back portion of your gum tissue to further expose the bone.  Thirdly, the dental surgeon will then cut and lift the bone into the sinus cavity to raise the membrane.  In the newly lifted area, the dental surgeon will then proceed to apply bone graft at the site (this will be thoroughly discussed in the consultation process prior to treatment).  Finally, sutures will be applied to the area treated to close incisions in your gums.  After a period of time, the site will be healed and ready for the dental implants treatment.

Dedicated to dental excellence, creating healthy brighter smiles.


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