Tooth Extractions

At Westbury Dental Care and Implant Center, we always try our utmost to preserve existing teeth to help patients maintain and be proud of a healthy smile.  Keeping teeth can also help to keep gums and mouths healthy and avoid potential dental conditions and diseases.  However, there are some cases where our dental professionals will have no other option but to recommend tooth extractions.

Dedicated to dental excellence, creating healthy brighter smiles.

If tooth decay has caused extensive tooth damage and cavity or a tooth is broken and not suitable for restoration, we will resort to tooth extractions.   Over-crowding of teeth can be another reason why we may recommend tooth extractions.

Although tooth extractions aren’t the best result, they can help to immediately eliminate excruciating pain that is commonly caused by tooth decay.  We offer both simple and surgical extractions depending on the complexity of your situation and dental problems.  Get in touch with our experienced and knowledgeable dental team today by calling us on 020 8942 8943!

Simple Extractions

Simple extractions are performed on teeth visible in the mouth, usually under local anesthesia.  Once the area is numbed, the extraction can begin and it’s likely that two dental professionals will be present to help the extraction go as smoothly as it possibly can.  Simple tooth extractions will involve removing a badly damaged or decayed tooth and can also be done for patients prior to getting braces.  For any nervous patients, we may administer anti-anxiety tablets or use conscious sedation for simple cases of teeth pulling.

Surgical Extractions

In contrast to simple extractions, surgical extractions involve the removal of teeth that are not visible in the mouth.   It involves the removal of teeth that cannot be easily accessed (e.g. wisdom teeth), either because they have broken under the gum line or because they have not fully erupted.  Here, it’s a slightly more complex procedure that occurs when a tooth has not yet broken through the gum line, but still causing moderate to severe levels of pain.  When surgical extractions are required, our expert dental professional will make a small incision into your gum so that we can easily access the affected tooth.

We have a highly experienced and skilled dental surgeon to help gently remove infected, broken and painful teeth for our patients without having to refer them to hospital. For nervous patient we will also offer oral and IV sedation.

Dedicated to dental excellence, creating healthy brighter smiles.


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