Mouth Cancer Screening

Here at Westbury Dental Care & Implant Centre, we offer oral cancer screening.  The goal of this examination is to identify any early symptoms of mouth cancer as early as possible, so that there is a greater chance for a cure.  Our professionals and friendly dentists are able to perform this type of examination during a regular dental-checkup when you come to see us.  However, if you require additional tests to further examine, we can also book these further appointments for you.   In the UK every year there are thousands of patients diagnosed with oral cancer.  It’s very important to have regular dental checkups. A dentist has training in recognizing the early signs of oral cancer and can provide an appropriate referral when needed.

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For oral cancer screening, there is no special preparation required for your initial appointment with us.   This is one of the biggest advantages of having oral cancer screening at Westbury Dental Care & Implant Centre as there is a lack of preparation done on the patient’s part. The only thing the patient needs to do is to attend their appointment and allow the dentist to perform the routine oral exam.

During oral cancer screening examinations, our dentists will look for any white or red patches or mouth sores in your mouth and check for any lumps.  During  the oral screening, the dentist will run his or her fingers around your mouth to check and feel for any irregularities in tissue and lumps.

Oral cancer screening examinations give patients peace of mind, knowing that everything is as it should be in their mouth.  Call us today on 020 8942 8943 to book in with us.

Why is it important?

The number of people diagnosed with mouth and throat cancers has been rising over the last several years and more patients are looking to book in for oral cancer screening tests.  Oral cancer screening may be particularly important for you if you had had previous oral cancer diagnosis’ or use tobacco of any kind – this included cigars, pipes and cigarettes.  Alcohol abuse can also lead to oral cancer. If you are concerned about your cancer risk, it’s much better to book in with us so that we can examine your mouth in full to detect any early signs.


If we spot any precarious signs after the full examination, we may recommend a follow-up visit.  This is normally arranged for a few weeks after the first examination to see if the abnormal areas are still present and to analyse the growth.  Here, if we notice that it is growing and it poses a high cancer risk, we will offer a biopsy procedure to test where cancer cells are actually present.  Should a growth be found, an appointment to have a biopsy is also scheduled. The procedure will either be performed by a dentist or referred to a specialist dentist who diagnoses and treats oral cancer. This procedure will involve the removal of a few cells from the problematic area to test in a laboratory for cancer.

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Get in touch with our expert team at Westbury Dental Care today to arrange your regular dental check-up or specialist oral cancer screening appointment.  You can call us directly on 020 8942 8943 or use our simple online contact form and we’ll get back to you promptly.

The Oral Health Foundation runs  a campaign every year to raise oral Mouth Cancer Action Month.  This Novermber 2021, Westbury Dental Care & Implant  Centre will be supporting and help raise awareness of this fabulous awareness  campaign in the UK.