Dental Check-Ups

If you’re looking for dental check-ups, look no further than Westbury Dental Care & Implant Centre.  Whether you need a check-up every six months or more often than that, we can accommodate your needs and look after your smile to make sure it’s healthy for the years to come.

Dedicated to dental excellence, creating healthy brighter smiles.

Why Do I Need Check-Ups?

Dental check-ups are far more than a box-ticking exercise; they are used as a preventative way to keep your smile, excellent oral health and teeth in tip-top condition.  Dental check-ups are imperative for also decreasing your chances of gum disease and risk other future dental issues.  If you’re looking for a dentist in your area for dental check-ups, we would love to hear from you today.

Being consistent with dental check-ups allows our dentist to see if there are any early signs of decay, gum disease, or other detrimental conditions that contribute to poor dental health.  We are big advocates of a preventative dentistry rather than a reactive approach.  The earlier we spot possible issues, the better the chance that we can act and therefore preserve your teeth, reducing the possibility of tooth loss.

What’s Involved?

During a dental check-up, you will firstly be introduced to one of our general dentists and you’ll be made to feel comfortable in our presence.  One of our experienced dentists will then go ahead and examine your teeth, gums, and mouth and also ask you about any general health problems that you may have experienced since your last visit, either to us or another dental practice.  During the check-up, we will also give you general lifestyle advice to preserve healthy teeth and offer teeth-cleaning habits if required for some patients.

How often you should visit us for dental check-ups depends on your specific situation but you can be sure that we’ll come to the best possible arrangements for your circumstances.  Generally speaking, the lower the risk of dental issues and the better dental health you have, you’ll visit us a lot less regularly, of course, perhaps only every 12-24 months.  However, if you have bigger issues with your teeth that need to be checked on a more regular basis, you may visit us every six months or so.  We may also recommend periodic visits to see our direct access dental hygienist.

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