Teeth in a Day

Here at Westbury Dental Care and Implant Centre, we are proud to offer ‘’teeth in a day’’ as one of our most popular and in-demand teeth restoration and replacement treatments.  Thanks to rapid developments in dentistry, we are now able to provide implants – placed and fully functioning – in just one single day.

Dedicated to dental excellence, creating healthy brighter smiles.

Why Choose Teeth in a Day?

Traditional implant procedures require between three and six months that can leave patients feeling frustrated and underwhelmed with the appearance and aesthetics of their smile.  If you wish to find out more about the treatments that we offer, please get in touch with us today directly on 020 8942 8943!

When considering our ‘’teeth in a day’’ treatment, it’s important to know the main benefits and how it will change your life for the better.  As a result of this treatment, you will feel much more confident in your smile and feel much happier within yourself.  Instead of waiting months to hear back from us for a second or third appointment, we can meet your smile objectives in just one day.  Our ‘teeth in a day’ treatment is minimally invasive which also eliminates the need for complicated procedures such as bone augmentation.

What is the procedure?

There are four main stages for the procedure that include;-

  • Diagnostics.
  • Implant Placement.
  • Provisional Restoration.
  • Permanent Restoration.

Firstly, you will be invited in to our state-of-the-art dental practice for your initial assessment and consultation.  Here, we will talk you through the treatment step by step and fully inform you about all advantages, potential side effects and aftercare instructions.  If you are happy to go ahead with the treatment, we will then book you in for your ‘’teeth in a day’’ appointment at a date that suits you best.  On the day of the treatment, you will then be treated for any oral health problems prior to the procedure as it’s integral to have good periodontal health before treatment begins.

Depending on your specific treatment plan that has been previously agreed, our dental surgeons will then give you a local anesthetic to numb the area.  Once this has settled in and you have that numbing feeling, our team will then go ahead with placing the dental implants.  This may be one, two or multiple implants which will depend on the amount of teeth you have missing.  After the implants have been placed, our dental professionals will then take immediate impressions so that a bridge or crown can be made on that same day.  This provisional crown or bridge will then be used over the next 3-6 months for the healing process.

The only part of the treatment that happens at a later date is the permanent restoration work, that will be fitted after three months of your same-day treatment.  Here, we will create a fixed crown or bridge solution that can now be cemented to the bridge framework.  Before you leave our practice, we will ensure that you are fully informed about the best way to maintain your dental health for the months to come.

Who is an ideal candidate?

Not every patient will be an ideal candidate for teeth in a day.  If you suffer from seriously poor and deteriorating bone recession or periodontal health, it may be beneficial to treat these dental conditions first before anything else is considered.  Patients who have been living without many teeth for a considerable amount of time are likely to suffer from dental health conditions such as tooth decay and gum disease.

When you visit us for your initial consultation, our team of professional dentists will be able to examine and come to the decision of whether you are an ideal candidate.  Teeth in a day treatments can be tailored to meet a number of dental conditions and restore the overall smile for patients of all ages.  This treatment can be used to replace a single tooth, multiple teeth or to restructure dental positioning.

Dedicated to dental excellence, creating healthy brighter smiles.

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Thanks to the latest development within dentistry, we are proud to offer ‘’teeth in a day’’ treatments for patients looking to restore their smile in just one day.  This treatment is fast, simple and there will be no need for temporary dentures.  Book in with us today by calling us directly on 020 8942 8943 or use our simple online contact form and we’ll get back to you!