All-on-4® & All-on-6® Implants

An excellent way to replace single or multiple teeth

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Here at Westbury Dental Care and Implant Centre, we provide All All-on-4® & All-on-6® dental implants for our patients.  These types of dental implants are particularly beneficial for restoring oral function and your natural smile when you have all missing teeth.  All-on-4® & All-on-6®dental implants are often a better alternative to dentures for many patients that struggle with the uncomfortable fitting of dentures.

Many that suffer from ill-fitted and uncomfortable dentures, find All-on-4®dental implant treatment an excellent way to replace single or multiple missing teeth.  The end result is natural looking, securely fixed, permanent replacement teeth that will change your life; allowing you to smile, eat, talk and live your life with confidence again.

With both All-on-4® & All-on-6® implants, it allows you to leave surgery on the same day with a fully fixed temporary set of teeth.  Thanks to constantly evolving technology within the industry, these types of dental implants now provide a much better cost-effective way of replacing missing teeth.  This All-on-4® & All-on-6® is well renown for life-changing dental treatment as it can provide new smiles in a day. Moreover, it also takes drastically less time than the closest alternative which would require 6-12 implants and multiple dental appointments.

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Revolutionary All-on-4® & All-on-6® dental implants procedure

All-on-4® & All-on-6® is an excellent procedure to provide fixed teeth that are not removable like traditional dentures. It is the best known fixed option to replace multiple missing teeth. In contrast to removable dentures, dental implants will function almost perfectly to allow you to chew food, smile, kiss, sing, talk and maintain excellent oral hygiene. In our opinion this is a fabulous durable and long lasting solution to help you live your life without compromise.

All-on-4® & All-on-6® dental implants procedure is the original full-arch solution on four implants treatment. The All-on-4® procedure is a cost-efficient solution that provides patients permanent, secure, natural looking teeth.

Before you go ahead with All-on-4® & All-on-6® dental implants, we will invite you to our dental practice to assess your current oral health, function and to identify if you are a good candidate for the implants.  Once all parties are happy and if treatment is agreed upon, there will be no need for the delay as our experienced dentists will be able to perform the surgery on the same day, as long as you are comfortable with proceeding.

Dedicated to dental excellence, creating healthy brighter smiles.


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